For School Districts
  • Help with developing soft skills that employers need.   The  research project is an ideal vehicle to teach project and time management skills as well as digital presentation skills.

  • Develop copyright awareness for online and on-campus instruction

  • Collaborating with teachers or providing professional development sessions to help them  to integrate research skills  and soft skills developentinto daily lesson plans. 

The Charter School Librarian can:
For Charter Schools
  • Work with faculty to develop a curriculum that integrates the teaching of information and media literacy skills.

  • Develop and manage a physical library on campus or a digital library with databases and open educational resources. (OER) 

  • Provide professional development sessions for teachers (onsite or online). 

  • Provide targeted advice and assistance with tracking books and equipment and tracking use of those resources to save money and time.

  • Work with faculty and/or students to develop time management and digital communication skills 

For Homeschools

Help students

  • Develop effective time management and research project management skills. 


  • Develop skills to locate and evaluate information in proprietary and government databases. 

  • Develop skills to evaluate media and websites for accuracy and bias. 

  • Develop skills to create effective presentations using a variety of technologies.


Daily Contracts

Online Training

Contract to come in for .5 day a month/week is cheaper if reserved for the school year
For teachers and students
Services are provided on an as-needed basis allowing the school to pick and choose what they can currently afford/ need until they can afford to add a part time or full time certified teacher-librarian.
PD sessions - 90 minutes $250
Volunteer Training:  90 minutes  $250
Set up the library - 3-5 full days   $3000-$5000 (includes training volunteers)
Technology day for faculty and students.   $1000 for 4 90 minutes sessions