• Jan MacWatters

Can we define the skill of reading?

What does a successful high school graduate actually need to know?

Ill students should be able to read. But what is the skill of reading, exactly?

If a student can read the words out without floundering, is that reading?.

If they can explain what they read about, is that reading?

What if they are just reading books because they are told to read books and are given the answers they will need for the test? Is that reading?

Are we not really teaching reading for them to find answers to questions that will arise throughout life?

To learn to read well, we must first learn to ask questions well. Any high school graduate should be able to read, yes, but they should really be able to use the skill of reading to further their own learning by asking questions, locating the answer and comprehending the context/bias/accuracy of the information they find.

Reading is not just reading, it's part of a continuum of skills that starts with asking questions. Inquiry drives learning. The main skill our students need today is the ability to ask a good question.

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